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            About Honliv

            Flags badge
            Logo highlights the performance of the company's internal culture, which consists in the company graphics signs, Chinese characters,
            "Hongli enterprise" in English "Honliv".
            "Nine" in Chinese, the largest number of said most of the meaning and logo said the largest number in Chinese, the largest mean, and thus a logo reflects the company's industry characteristics: a cross-industry enterprise groups; the logo also expressed the company's development seeking large, seeking a strong business philosophy. Graphic symbol gives a dignified, calm feeling ,is the company reputation of high quality and reliable symbol, closely linked to the nine boxes show the company's diversified and standardized development.
            "Honliv" is an English homonym of Hongli, by honour and the living, It has a meaning "proud of creating a better life", meet Honliv industry attributes and corporate philosophy.
            The colors of Graphic signs is from ink blue and red,.Ink blue gives a steady, broad sense,.Three-ink blue box declares the company’s strength and a solid foundation; red shows enthusiasm and attention, the jumping red box indicates the corporate culture of pursuing innovation and striving for.

            Henan Honliv group Co., LTD, network management system, all rights reserved Prepare for 05017868 ICP

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