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            About Honliv

            Social responsibility
            In 1954, Peter. Drucker, in his first management book, "Management Practice" begins with this question: What is business? 50 years later, 91-year-old Peter Drucker was interviewed still without worries: the business community still do not understand it now. Honliv Group Chairman Mr. Qin Zili Grace admits: What is business? In fact it is asking the ultimate goal of business. I understand only two words - Undertake! Responsibility to undertake is the soul, there is no soul, business can not reach full size. Qin, chairman considers that social responsibility of the corporate has three aspects:
            First: to provide quality products, and create a happy and dignified life for employees; Second: Bo Shi Ji Zhong, Industry Benefiting the benefit of the Quartet;
            Third: Probation moral beings, as the middle strength of the social moral, spiritual and cultural heritage of national conscience. Dream boundless , love speechless. Honliv has been, is and will pass the warmth and love quietly in the earth forever.

            Henan Honliv group Co., LTD, network management system, all rights reserved Prepare for 05017868 ICP

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