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            Human resources

            Honliv talent
            Honliv believes that man is the most decisive force and the company's most valuable resource. Competition among enterprises is ultimately a talent competition. Talent is the fundamental business and the sustainable development of a business fundamental. Honliv's talent opinion is the concept of "people-oriented, total plan development."
            Honliv's compliance with "not only qualified, not only of age, not only urban and rural areas, not only of gender, yin is the only move, only is the move" ,she strives to provide first-class employees in the workplace, reasonable salary treatment, and a broad space for development for the employment principles. Honliv has always believed that talent is created through continuous training and betrayals. From the long-term plans focus on enterprise development, and only all-round strengthening of staff training, she should continually carry out training, while giving employees a broad space for displaying their talents in order to bring out the talent, to achieve the high-level realm with the treatment to keep people, business to keep the human, emotional to keep people.
            Honliv forms the mechanismin the development process of the gradual formation of a self-motivation, self-discipline and promoting the outstanding talent of the mechanism so that the company's rapid development has provided a powerful guarantee.

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